Laboratory and Pilot Dissolver, Mixers and Mills

Dispermill® Laboratory Dissolvers

The universal machine for all your laboratory and pilot plant needs. Dispermill® will perform any mixing task in the modern laboratory, whether gentle stirring or where high shearing is required.

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Dispermill® Dissolvers / Floormodels

The Dispermill® Floormodel can produce outstanding results on most applications. Low noise drive system with continuous adjustable speed. PID electronics ensures constant speed even when viscosity changes.

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Dispermill® Flame Proof Dissolvers

Explosion Proof Dissolvers with adjustable quick fit clamping devices, continues readout of Speed on clear digital blue display. Complete Stainless steel stand, with very smooth action lifting device.

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Dispermill® Vacuum Dissolvers

Several product require processing under vacuum. For this purpose we supply and excecelent vacuum kit which is easy to fit onto a Dispermill machine. All vacuumdissolvers will be supplied with special vacuumlid, vacuummeter two inspection windows and one porthole.

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Dispermill® Basket Mill

An Basket Mill combines mixing and milling achieving maximum particle size distribution, increasing production efficieny, and producing extraordinary quality! The Patented system uses circulation milling technology by rapidly pumping the slurry through the media field.

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Options for Dispermill® machines

Dissolver Shafts, Dissolver discs, Marine blades, Butterfly mixing elments, Turbo blades, SHL discs, Cupmixer, PP Millingdiscs, Stainelss Steel Dispersing Vessels, Jacketed cooled Vessels.  Milling Beads, Vacuumpumps, Temperature Sensors, Shaftprotectors, Split Covers for vessels.

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